Your Participation

At South Atlanta Community Church we want you to be involved. So we are committed to helping you identify your gifts and integrate them into the right ministries. When Christians serve in their area of giftedness, they function less in their own strength and more in the power of the Holy Spirit. When that happens, ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary!


Why did you join?

I was part of the original church plant and loved and respected Pastor Raymond and Donna and wanted to help.

What do you like most?

The spirit of love & kindness.Feeling like it's home and a right fit. It's real.No fake folks. Sweet fellowship!

What would you say to someone that might be looking for a church community?

Come NOW! We are a group of imperfect people, seeking strength from a perfect GOD and following him in obedience to be all he desires us to be!

Our Core Values

Authentic worship 


Real worship that is motivated by a sincere response to the grace of God. 


Nurturing and cultivating relationships in the community 


Equipping God's people to serve through the teaching of God's Word 


Engaging the culture with the life-changing message of the gospel 


Restoring hope to those who are hopeless 


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Recruitment, Editor, and Content Manager

South Atlanta 

Community  Church

Building Godly families 


Modeling unity through racial and ethnic diversity 


Caring small groups 


Meaningful youth and children's ministry 


Seeking God through genuine, fervent, consistent prayer 

Our Core Beliefs

We believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do at South Atlanta Community Church. We believe that once you gain a biblical view of who Jesus is-your life will change forever. 


We believe in the Bible. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. We come to it expectantly-for guidance and comfort-and are never disappointed. Through study we see God's truths unfold and His power revealed. The Scriptures are our anchor, our compass and our wellspring. 


We believe in the Church. South Atlanta Community Church is a place where people are nurtured and where opportunities abound to serve others. We are a community of believers who really do get something out of worship and who gladly pass it on to others.  

Why did you join?

Joined along with parents at the time. They joined because of the friendly atmosphere and sound teaching.

What do you like most?

The family and community at SACC

What would you say to someone that might be looking for a church community?

We are a warm and friendly church where we are led by a humble pastor who preaches the truth (nothing more and nothing less) from the Word of God

Why did you join?

Awesome preaching of the Word, Prayer, Warmth and love of the people.

What do you like most?

We like that SACC is becoming a prayer saturated church expecting life transformation based on the promises of GOD!

What would you say to someone that might be looking for a church community?

Be prepared to be loved, taught and transformed by the Bible based teaching, preaching and prayer saturation in the SACC church community.

Why did you join?

Because this church resembled Hebrews 13:1-2 "Let brotherly love continue and do not refuse to extend hospitality to strangers for some have angels unaware" This verse became alive for me with the members of SACC.

What do you like most?

The true teaching of the Word of GOD

What would you say to someone that might be looking for a church community?

If you really want clarity in the Word of GOD, this is the place to be...